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Deciphering What your Breakouts Mean

Deciphering What your Breakouts Mean

While many times our breakouts begin from daily habits and cleanliness (not thoroughly removing makeup, cleaning cell phone screens), sometimes there’s more reasoning to our breakouts. With the help of ancient Eastern medical explanations, we’re here to help decipher your breakouts’ underlying cause. Many skin issues can be hereditary; however, making these lifestyle and diet changes regardless will be beneficiary for your skin (and overall health) in the long run.

Easily manageable causes for blemishes on your forehead may include oil from your chic bangs or bacteria from your hats. While these can be easily changed, there are other underlying causes for why you may be breaking out mainly on your forehead. According to Eastern medicine, breakouts on your forehead represents that your digestive systems are weak. Try reducing your refined sugar intake (carbonated drinks, candies, donuts). Also try eating smaller but more frequent meals remembering to chew thoroughly.

Between Brows:
The area between your brows are linked to your gallbladder and liver. Similar to the forehead, breakouts between the brows are highly affected by your dietary habits. Try reducing highly processed foods, alcohols, and foods too high in fat. Instead, try incorporating more cooling foods like cucumber, watermelon, and bitter melon into your diet.

Breakouts along or near your hairline are usually easily preventable. The cause of these stubborn pimples could be from pore-clogging ingredients in your hair products. Check that your favourite shampoo don’t contain any highly comedogenic ingredients! Make sure that when you’re removing your makeup, you’re removing every trace of SPF or foundation that might have been trapped near your hairline.

Above Brows:
Do you feel a cold coming along? Breakouts above your brows may be due to a weakened immune system. Take a step back from your hectic lifestyle and go easy on yourself for the next few days. Make sure to help boost your immune system by drinking lots of water and getting enough vitamin C!

Left Cheek:
While both left and right cheeks have similar easily preventable causes such as dirty pillow cases and cell phone screens. The left cheek is linked to issues with your liver. Feeling overwhelmed by stress lately? Take a step back and learn to relax a little (I know, easier said than done, right?). Keeping a positive spirit and easing up on your stress will help your liver from working on overdrive. Avoid overeating highly processed foods; instead, try incorporating cooling foods like watermelon and cucumbers into your diet.

Right Cheek:
The right cheek is connected to your lungs. Make a habit of regularly getting fresh air. Smoking and polluted air can contribute to the breakouts you experience in this area. Your right cheek is also more susceptible to breakouts when you have allergies.

The nose is linked to heart and gastrointestinal issues. Do you often experience indigestion discomfort such as constipation or bloating? Try improving your dietary habits by eating warm foods (not too cold, and not too hot) to help with digestion. Cut back on spicy and salty foods while incorporating more fruits, veggies, and healthy fats (avocados and nuts that are rich in omega-3 and 6) into your daily meals. If you find yourself constantly breaking out on your nose, you may want to consider getting your blood pressure checked and adding an exercise routine.

Lower Cheek/Chin:
Many of us who’ve experienced minimal breakouts during our adolescent years come to a shocking surprise that we’ve suddenly developed adult acne in the lower cheek/chin area. This area represents hormonal imbalances, and is typically the hardest for most of us to keep in check. You may experience more breakouts here when your hormone levels influxes (periods, menopause, or gynecological issues); however, hormonal imbalances are highly linked to our stress levels. Like many of the other issues we’ve discussed earlier, keeping a healthy diet abundant with fruits and vegetables and developing a stress coping strategy (massage, sufficient sleep, or exercise routine) will help with balancing your hormones. Other ways to help prevent hormonal adult acne include regular exfoliation (such as using AHAs) to avoid excess dead skin cells from clogging pores. Swap out your daily cuppa joe for green tea or spearmint tea. Too much caffeine can drive your adrenal glands to produce cortisol (a stress hormone.) Cortisol increases the production of insulin, which increases the amount sebum and inflammation that can to breakouts. Regular consumption of green tea can help balance your hormones as well as reduce inflammation. Spearmint reduces the levels of androgen (hormones that contribute to acne) and has bacteria-killing and anti-inflammatory properties.

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